MARCH 2015 – Congratulations to our winners from the Century 21® System!

Congratulations to our winners of production awards for 2014 from the Century 21® System:

2014 C21 Pinnacle Producers
Quality Service Pinnacle Producers
(L to R) Carol Riley, Sherri Sauls Coates, Trilvia Hutto & John Kneece

2014 C21 Quality Service Producers
Quality Service Producers
Karen Choe & Graeme Moore

2014 C21 Masters Producers
Karen Choe, MASTERS RUBY Producer
Graeme Moore, MASTERS EMERALD Producer
George Corley, MASTERS EMERALD Producer

2014 C21 Office Awards
Jeannine Kees, accepting for CENTURY 21 The Moore Group’s 2014 Office Awards:
Quality Service Pinnacle Office, Gold Medallion Office and Per Person Productivity